Ezras Yisroel provides vital services to those in need. You can be confident that every person we help is genuinely in need of our assistance. Furthermore, when we help, we go to the great lengths insuring the protection of their privacy, and dignity. Ezras Yisroel does not use solicited funds to support our overhead therefore every dollar collected is given to those who we serve.

Matanos L'evyonim

Hundreds of people in your community can’t afford the basics. They live hand-to-mouth, and go through crisis after crisis. Ezras Yisroel eases their pain – with matanos l’evyonim.
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rosh hashana

The start of the year is super-challenging for struggling families. A month of Yom Tov, coupled with Back to School expenses, means families have to juggle two separate major money drains.
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Ma’os Chittin

Matzah. Wine. Clothing. Shoes.
The thought of making Pesach looms for many as the single most challenging time of year. The expenses are enormous – and there are few cheap shortcuts.
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hachnosas Kallah

When a chosson or kallah has no funds, the pain is incredible. Every purchase is a crisis. The kallah has no money for the simplest housewares – but she must set up a home.
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widows and orpHans

When awoman loses her husband, it’s as if the rug has been pulled out from under her feet. She has to face not only her own grief and loneliness, but also the huge burden of comforting her children and raising them alone.
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summer camp/shavuos

Summer camp is no luxury. Yet for kids from poor families, it can be an elusive dream. Camp in the mountains costs thousands of dollars; local day camps cost nearly as much.
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medical crisis

Cancer. Kidney failure. Emotional breakdowns. For more families than anyone would believe, these challenges are real – and they leave their victims reeling. Normalcy falls to the wayside.
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torah scholars

Torah scholars sustain the entire world - yet they and their families often sacrifice greatly for Torah. They live in simple homes, wear simple clothing and make do without luxuries – willingly and with pride.
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Chanukah is a wondrous time – but for widows and orphans, it can be very painful. When a widow has to take her husband’s place at the menorah, when a boy has to sing Maoz Tzur alone, when there’s no father coordinating the family dreidel game, it’s devastating.
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